How is testosterone used in men and women?

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How is testosterone used in men and women?
Testosterone is responsible for many actions in the male body throughout a man’s life cycle. It helps the external and internal organs of a male fetus develop. This includes the male reproductive organs such as the penis and testicles. During puberty, testosterone is responsible for:

growth spurts
deepening of the voice
growth of hair in the pubic region, face, and underarms
Testosterone is also associated with behaviors such as aggression and sexual drive. Men need testosterone to make sperm for reproduction.

In women, testosterone also contributes to a woman’s sex drive. It also helps to secrete hormones important in a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Testosterone also plays common roles for both sexes. For example, the hormone stimulates the body to make new red blood cells. Testosterone can also affect a man’s bone density, fat distribution, and muscle strength.

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