A Shocking News About Steroids Uses-children Was Found To Use It

There is a dangerous new trend that girls as young as nine using illegal steroids to pump themselves up to resemble their favorite stars. More commonly abused by athletes, the body-building drugs have become increasingly popular with schoolchildren, many looking to artificially acquire more curves and body tone.

Almost all the kids are taking steroids for looks and images. They want to look sexy, they want to get bigger and they want their bodies to be better toned. Unfortunately, they are ignoring the damage they are doing. Some studies claim that up to 7 per cent of middle school girls (ages nine to 14) and 5 per cent of high school girls (14 and older) have tried steroids, in the form of a testosterone cream, pill or injection, at least once. The drugs are readily available over the internet or from pushers in gyms or at school.

Changing values among youth explain much of the attraction. The waif-like bodies of the skinny supermodels of the 1990s have given way to more popular role models such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, who have fuller, toned figures. Such evolving fashions can be hugely influential on young minds.

Everyone eager for beautiful appearance and sexy body, even the older, let alone young girls. Although I am a raw steroid powders supplier who have been working on this field for more than 10 years, what I most commonly say to my customers is that you can avoid unnecessary side effects with correct instructions. However, I can’t deny that some potential side effects exists actually. We never sell steroids for children under 18 years old. We suggested you that keep your kids away from steroids and better don’t let them know steroids. They are too young to control themselves and can’t see or care about the potential damages.

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