When to Consider a Testosterone Test?


The hormone testosterone is often associated with masculinity. However, women’s bodies also make testosterone. Too little testosterone in men or too much in women can indicate serious health problems. It can also create traits that are considered abnormal for your biological sex.

The testicles make testosterone in men, and the ovaries produce the hormone in women. Testosterone is responsible for traits such as body hair, muscle mass, and strength. Men with low levels of testosterone might notice a reduction in these traits, while too much testosterone in women can cause these traits to be more pronounced.

You may want to take a testosterone level test if you believe your testosterone levels aren’t within a normal range.

Normal And Abnormal Levels

A normal testosterone-level range for men is 300 to 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). For women, it’s between 15 and 70 nanograms per deciliter.

It’s normal for you to have changes to your level of testosterone throughout your life. The normal level of testosterone for your age and sex is as follows:


Age Male (ng/dl) Female (ng/dl)
0-5 months 75-400 20-80
6 months-9 years <7-20 <7-20
10–11 years <7-130 7-44
12-13 years <7-800 <7-75
14 years 7-1200 <7-75
15-16 years 100-1200 <7-75
17-18 years 300-1200 20-75
19 years and up 240-950 8-60

Testosterone levels can decrease naturally due to your age or other health conditions. After the age of 40, men’s testosterone levels usually decrease at least 1 percent every year. Some symptoms of low testosterone, particularly erectile dysfunction, are commonly seen in men over 40. Low testosterone levels have often been observed in people with obesity, no matter their age.

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